Drug Addiction Counseling for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Before starting drug addiction counseling, it is very important to know what actually addiction is. Addiction is the habituation of the body to certain unnatural substances. These substances can range from nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, and other addictive substances. These alien substances not only effect neurotransmitters in the brain but also various organs of human body ranging from eyesight to sense of taste.Drug and alcohol addiction causes various parts of body from proper functioning in Read more [...]

Drug And Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol is in itself a welcome drink but when teamed with drugs, assumes gargantuan proportions. One offshoot of drug and alcohol abuse is domestic violence when, under influence of spirits, a man turns batterer unconsciously or, as in certain cases, purposely. Alcohol is often used as a cover for low self-esteem or guilt for hurting loved ones. Sometimes it is an excuse made for the purpose of escaping consequences. Domestic violence can take the forms of humiliation, degradation, terrorizing Read more [...]